Phyl pulled off a totally effective surprise for my big 7-0 Birthday: 21 of my offspring - kids and grand-kids - drove and flew in from Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, California, and arrived on our doorstep, caroling in the evening- and spent my birthday and Christmas with us... the house was a continuously happy place for two days with siblings and cousins seeing each other, in some cases for the first time in years.... nice weather for family walks on the beach... traditional Ambler Christmas with stockings and presents, big Christmas dinner... and add a wonderful classy catered evening Birthday dinner at our HOA clubhouse with the offspring and a passel of local friends, and then a second dinner for 23 at our favorite Chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve.. ..... What a treat this has been for me! Phyl has been engineering the transportation, accommodations, invitations and logistics for months - and I had not a clue. Awesome. Wonderful!!

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We were treated to a family photo shoot -
Documenting the gathering

A walk on the beach was definately on the agenda
Beach Walk

And Julia enjoyed it in her own special ways...
Julia on the Beach .

The "overflow" stayed at the Grey Whale, a Wrightsville Beach double condo, where good times were pleantiful...

Birthday dinner party at the clubhouse..
.Dinner at EV Clubhouse

The Highlight of the Dinner:

Christmas Morning

Best part of all: cousins and 'steps' and generations
enjoying the togetherness

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My Thanks to Adri for many of the photos used here!