On the way to Natchez, Mississippi

The car ferry at __________ where we stopped to put ashore
an injured crewman for whom an ambulance was waiting.
DQ steams on ahead.

DQ blows her stacks.....


Tied up at Natchez
June 26 10:42 am

With the boats arranged in this manner
we were able to briefly visit the Delta Queen. and enjoy the classic detailing.




And able to see our boat and our balcony (up and behind Phyllis) from this perspective.



Natchez-under-the-Hill revisited. We stayed at this "bed and breakfast" years ago, in the second floor room where the balcony door is. When the band struck up in the bar downstairs we had no choice but to come down and enjoy it. Pleasant memories.

The Delta Queen departs Natchez

And as the sun slowly sets in the West.... (actually that is the usual place, I believe).

Each evening after a nice dinner there was varied entertainment - a four person song and dance team supported by a seven piece band, or a one person show, or a couple who did a completely enjoyable hour of folk music appropriate to the River. Sorry, did not take any photos!

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