Machu Picchu

Absolutely stunning!!!

We board the early train in Cusco,......


The train backs and fills as it climbs above Cusco.... gaining altitude.. In fact there are emergency oxygen outlets in the seating area, a la aircraft!

Then with a short but curvy bus ride we are delivered to the site entrance.


And a short walk later: We are there!

Initially we are lead by a guide, who provides an excellent narrative.
.. then we are turned loose for a while to ponder and explore on our own.

High city of terraced stone: at last a dwelling-place for him whom the mundane had not smothered in the vestments of sleep. In you, two parallel lines meet: you are the cradle of lightning and of man, rocked in a needle-sharp wind.

Mother of stone, breath of condors.

-Pablo Nureda,
The Heights of Macchu Picchu


An amazing job of stone shaping in places of special importance...

As first photgraphed by Hiram Bingham,
who was led to the site by locals in 1911....


A huge amount of work has been done to make the site accessible,
and clear walkways..


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