Wildlife Seen On Our Cruise
April 7-19, 2006
Princess Regal


Friendly Monkeys - Devil's Island French Guiana
These guys have figured out that tourists sometimes have crackers!

Water Buffalo - at Santarem, Brazil
("wildlife"? arguable, but whatever)

Iguanas - at Devil's Island, French Guiana


River catfish - Santarem, Brazil+

Rainbow Piranha - Santarem, Brazil
Fellow tourists caught several on baited drop lines

Black Piranha - Santarem, Brazil
Unusual catch. Cleaned, breaded and grilled for us right on the boat

Caiman - near Manaus, Brazil
Caught at night by spotting with a bright light then simply grabbing it from the water

"Open wide"

Annoyed bird - at night, Manaus, Brazil
Probable member of the moorhen family

Scarlet Ibis - at Cabrini Refuge, Trinidad
No, the color has NOT been enhanced in these photos

White Birds (well, duh!)

Tree Boa - Tortola

Hmmmm - how'd this get in here?

Am not complaining about the tours taken - they were well organized, entertaining and informative - but as you can tell from the paucity of subjects and of great wildlife photos here, a general cruise with standard cruise-line tours is NOT the best way to see/photograph wildlife or birds. To do it right one needs more time and serious focus. At the very least I suggest a private guide/tour and/or a tour specifically designed for sighting and photography. And maybe a better photographer.

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