Day 6



Our approach to Port of Spain, Trinidad, was made interesting by the 'fleet' of derelict freighters in the harbor - but the view of the island from the ship was less than inspiring: totally an industrial area.

Off on an adventure - boating at Cabrini Wildlife Refuge in search of the scarlet ibis. (By now you have no doubt figured it out: if a shore tour involved a boat that was Pete's first choice.) Off we go into the mangrove swamp.....

This tree boa did not mind us stopping to visit - and we did not mind leaving him unbothered....


After traveling through the mangrove swamps we came out on a large open lake/mudflats - and over there were the scarlet ibis. WAY over there!

And we saw a lot of cranes too.....Trinidad has a booming oil economy.... (but was not our favorite island)
A musical send off......

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