Regal Princess - Day 5

Dominica presented itself in mottled sunlight, with verdant hills and blue-blue seas. The pier led directly into the heart of town - the nicest proximity to the ship of the islands we visited. The tour buses were lined up waiting for us.

Pete went on a round the island tour. First stop: the Micoucherie Rum Distillary. Their rum is made from sugarcane. The mill is waterpowered - one of few in the Carribean - note the huge flywheel in the gear train.


Second stop: Along the shore at some distance from the distillery, a 'rowboat cruise' up a wonderfully overgrown rivelet. Heard and glimpsed birds but it would be impossible for me to claim I saw any birds, or other wildlife for that matter.

And eventually we came to an establishment for the pause that refreshes - a concoction of rum and ?? that was said to cure practically everything. (They lied: I am still bald.)

Then back to town, and the ship....




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