Regal Princess

Tortola - British Virgin Islands

We are met by the Pilot boat as we approach....

Blessedly tranquil peace surrounds us as we approach. Smooth sailing to the pier (along side a Norwegian Cruise Line ship), then off on a tour... around the island then climbing to a lookout point atop one of the peaks.


"The Sailing Capital of the World"

Bomba Shack - major beach-front party every full moon

To the top of the island


Too windy up on top for my hat - but notice PETE's hair is not mussed up

An interesting approach to construction. Build your house one story at a time- and with all the necessary plumbing and electrical conduit protruding through the flat roof to later add the next story... live in what you built... when you have the money then add another story, perhaps for rental income... Repeat.

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