Regal Princess

Day 2 & 3 - At Sea

So what do you do with two days at sea? Unwind. Eat a lot. Check the stern view frequently. Much shipboard chatter about the poor handling of the delay at Fort Lauderdale.

This is a good place to insert notes on my enjoyment of having my GPS along. When we left home, I was not even sure it had the South America coast on its preloaded maps, much less detail on the Amazon river. It did.

When on our balcony it of course could only see a bit less than half the sky and hence half the satellites usually found in that part of the world, so it was sometimes slow to establish our position, but when up on the sundeck it regularly picked up 6 to 8 signals. (Inside the cabin no signal at all of course.)

Most interesting use: when stuck on the sandbar at the mouth of the Amazon - see Day 9 notes. And in the days following that, as our schedule was in total disarray, those of us who had GPS units along (there were several of us) knew better than most of the crew where we were and the next ETA.

Now at home, really slick that the Garmin software lets one download the tracks and points and then plot them on GoogleEarth!

Did not have enough batteries along to chart all 11 days of sailing, alas, so there are huge gaps in the track line. It did not do too well on altitude - got readings ranging from -40 feet to 160 feet when on our balcony. Best number seemed to be about 58 feet above sea level. And should have taken the GPS along on the two boat tours made in Manaus.... would have been fun to plot those locations.

Probably bored Phyllis with my frequent reports ("The river is eight miles wide right here!" - "Only 786 air miles SSW to Manaus!") but it was fun to mess with. In fact, when a fellow passenger asked me what I was using it for, my response was exactly that: "To mess with!"

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