Day 13 - Manaus, Brazil

City Tour - which really amounted to a drive to the Teatro Amazonas... but that building is indeed spectacular... Built by the rubber Barons in 1896 when Manaus was a tiny town of some 5000 people - but had large pretensions. Recently restored.




As you tour the city you cannot help but be aware of the contrasting life styles between the have's and the have-not's -we saw several of the original mansions built by the elite - rubber barons - This very small one sits next to the Teatro Amazonas. Below a shot of the homes literally at the bottom, barely above the annual high flood stages... Alas this contrast exists in all the world, including the USA.


For a superb history of Manaus by Rita Shannon Koeser, click here

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Teatro Amazonas interior photo courtesy of aol prochetti5