Day 12 - Manaus

Off the Ship....

Onto a riverboat....
and then onto a small boat to the landing spot...


and then you disappear into the rain forest

The trail was evident but untrammeled enough to make you feel you were
indeed in the rainforest - climbing over fallen trees, ducking under
thorny branches, stepping around the ant piles, and perhaps
slipping in the mud underfoot.

Two types of rainforest here: We landed in secondary forest - previously cut-over land, now growing up again... and then at a higher elevation and not so convenient for earlier logging, into the primary forest with huge trees - like mahogany trees five feet in diameter.

For all the concerns about mosquitoes and bugs, there were no problems on this particular expedition.

As we went along, our guides demonstrated jungle skills - flint/steel fire building, instant tree climbing, blow-gun and bow-snare hunting and sleeping without critters....

Based on this photographic evidence, I was having a good time!

Back to our riverboat for a fresh fruit treat,
just ahead of a rain squall


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