Day 11

Because of the sandbar delay we had to skip our brief stop at
Boca de Valaria. Santarem today, then head for Manaus at noon...

The city of Santarem in the distance...
(As it worked out, we did not go into town at all)

The fleet of tour boats arrives...

Note the low overhead deck below the main deck -
this is where the cattle are loaded for their twice-a-year cruise,
dictated by the Amazon River's annual flood cycle -
in December to high ground, in July back to the lower ground

The "Meeting of the Waters" - the Black River (blue black water)
meets the Amazon (muddy brown water) -
for several miles they run parallel, barely mixing.



We are visiting in flood season -
the water is expected to crest at least 4 feet higher...
the folks along the river adapt... or temporarily move to higher ground


Very rare photos!!!! Phyl fishing!!

And this is what she hoped to catch - as several of our fellow passengers did...

The piranha above is a Rainbow Piranha, and on the left is a Black Piranha.. The crew seemed pretty excited that the black piranha was caught ... and immediately filleted and grilled it right on the boat and offered bites all around.


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