British Columbia


Seen here: the skyline with the Canada Place cruise ship terminal at the harbor front.

Lion's Gate Bridge in the distance.

Great harbor views from our hotel room at Canada Place. Those are two floating gas stations.....

.... which refuel both boats and the float planes. The float plane traffic was constant... and included excursions and commuter planes to Victoria.


Photo © Simon Kirby

Pete' toured' on the Seabus which carries commuters to North Vancouver and explored the Waterfront Station which serves the Seabus and Skytrain..

Photo © Mike Feaver

Creative houseboats up the harbor front from our hotel.

View back to downtown Vancouver... about a mile from here at Stanley Park.

Vancouver's Stanley Park is immediately adjacent to the downtown area... huge park on a peninsula, mostly a wooded area. Took the horsecar tour....

(And the trolley bus tour which goes around the entire peninsula.)

Vancouver's answer to Denmark's famous Girl on the Rock... A skin-diver on a rock.

West side of Stanley Park -

Note the cormorant that has joined her...

The totem pole display in Stanley Park...

The Lion's Gate Bridge over the channel to the ocean, as seen from Stanley Park.....

And, over the bridge, as seen again from Stanley Park.....

And from UNDER the bridge, as seen as we sailed out of Vancouver....

The Lighthouse in Stanley Park

We even enjoyed the Vancouver Theatre - one woman show about a disenchanted housewife, who, understandably, runs off to Greece....
"No one thought she had the courage, the nerve, or the lingerie."

"The whale symbolizes our Journey... the water trough which the whale passes is ever-changing... The moon, which symbolizes love, peace and joy, represents the spirit in which we should make our journey."

Artist: Richard Krentz -

We stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront, immediately across from Canada Place, where our ship, the Island Princess, was supposed to dock.

Even though Pete enjoyed the day in Vancouver (Nice city, would be good to revisit), he was, as you can see in this photo, nearly beside himself waiting for the ship to come in.....



And come in it does, right on schedule.... early in the morning, Phyllis has a premonition to check, and there. In full view from our room, the Island Princess! Just coming into the slip.... perfect location!

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