Seattle, Washington

Our first view of Seattle from the sidewalk in front of the Pioneer Square Hotel was the imposing Smith Tower.

Finding that there is an observation deck on the top floor, we visited up there.


On this page below: For lunch we joined the Macdougalls for lunch before we boarded the Victoria Clipper bound for Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


L.C. Smith Tower

Built in 1914, at 522 feet and 35 stories high, Smith Tower was briefly the fourth tallest building in the world and until 1959 was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

The lobby is a wonderful classic lobby of the time. Polished brass. Marble. Stained glass.

The copper-caged elevators are manned by real live Elevator Operators. Birdcage style, a visitor can see the various floors go by as the elevator ascends.

While we waited for the Tower Observation Deck to open, we visited an art exhibit.

"Paul Margolis has tended to his memories by quilting them: a quilted skateboard ramp (in honor of his brother), a quilted wine press (for his father), and a pair of quilted flip-flops (for himself). Such a scheme could quickly shift sideways into gimmickry on the one hand, or thudding irony on the other, but Margolis' work is equal parts sincerity, inquiry, and sheer effort. And effort, of course, is a hallmark of both love and rigorousness.... The show's bravura centerpiece is a [full-scale] parking-enforcement vehicle in which everything has been quilted, from side-view mirrors to dashboard--an object of anxiety tempered through padding. "
       -- The, 3 Sep 2003

The Observation level takes in the entire top floor. It has historical displays and is furnished in keeping with the architectural features in the space..

The ceiling is a repeating series of oriental motif medallions.

AND the view was worth the trip up!

Beautiful clear day.. Ferries, distant islands, and the downtown area spread below us.

We also walked the interesting Pioneer Square area and rode the waterfront street car (a REAL streetcar, tracks, gantry and all) the length of the waterfront. Elevated and covered loading platforms are a thoughtful and appreciated design feature.

In spite of an overhead expressway along the route, there was a vibrant feeling along the entire way.

Terry Macdougall

Iver Macdougall

Bruce Macdougall

Gordon Macdougall

Pete met for the first time his first cousin Terry (Maunsell) Macdougall. Had a wonderful luncheon at the Edgewater Hotel with Terry and her husband Iver (retired lawyer), and sons Bruce (controls engineer) and Gordon (teacher). Their daughter Alison, an archaeologist, lives in Chico, CA.

Terry is the daughter of Dorothy Ambler (1899-1934) who was the daughter of Chase P. Ambler (1865-1932).

And you can't beat a personal welcome from Mayor Greg Nichols! (Courtesy of Gordon Macdougall)

Victoria Clipper Passage -

Seattle, Washington USA to
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Map Courtesy

Relaxing scenic catamaran ride; threading a passage through the islands of the Olympic Sound

Continue on to Victoria, BC

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