Alaska Railroad

Midnight Sun Express

Runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks. A 'real' railroad, The Alaska Railroad carries passengers and freight all year - and adds tourists in the summer.

Diesel locomotives.

Princess Cruise Lines attaches three cars to the two daily passenger trains (one northbound and one southbound) during the cruise boat season. Other cruise lines do the same (notably Holland America).


Each Princess car has dining seating on the lower level for perhaps 50 people at a time. "Upstairs" the car seats three times that. With the segments of the trip being in four hours each, it works out that everyone has a chance to dine on each segment.

All along the way, magnificent vistas.

Note the fiery red of the Fire Weed growing along the tracks.

The upper level is arranged in tables for four, so you have a chance to make new acquaintances.

A we traveled further north, the fall colors we first encountered at Glacier National Park grew more intense... we were getting geographically closer to winter!

Lunch in the diner. Done with the charm of the 'old' Pullman Train diners - nice table service, good food.

Try the reindeer chili. Best thing on the menu!

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