Mt. McKinley Helicopter Tour

As we climbed, the vegetation grew sparser - and more colorful.

Trust me: that's a bear down there....

A glacier in retreat. Centuries of ice have ground off huge amounts of the mountain tops and valley walls as the pass down... as the ice melts the ground off material forms a moraine hundreds of feet thick. Look closely: below the till there is still glacier ice. To the right, the vegetation starts to populate the till... even as ice remains far under ground.

A classic glacier. Up here the bottom ice is perhaps 14,000 years old - dating back to the last ice age.

Interesting to see how different glaciers have different surfaces:
Some smooth enough for a plane to land on, others totally craggy.
This is primarily a function of the terrain the glacier passes over.

This ice of this glacier is on the order of a mile thick...

Helicopter special: The ability to fly right up to the face of a glacier

and closer.

The wonderful aqua blue reflected by the hard packed ice mass.

And the cloud cover breaks ... there is The peak of Mt. McKinley.

We flew up to the 10,500 foot level - the peak towers another 10,000 feet above us.


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