Riverboat Discovery III

A multi-generation Binkley family-owned operation that harks back to the 1890's when the paddlewheelers were the only transportation up here.

Cruising on the Chena and Tanana Rivers

Shades of the Past: Discovery II

The trip was set apart from the usual trite narrated river cruise by having specially arranged stops along the way.

A chance to see Alaskan culture up close:

River bank homes

Short takeoff bush plane

Sled dog training

Salmon harvesting

Fur products

Sled dog training.
Iditrod Champion Susan Butcher

Totally impressed with how these dogs WANT to run!

And their friendly relationship with humans.


A Salmon Camp - Demonstration of filleting and smoking the annual salmon harvest. Note the river- powered fish wheel that scoops unwary salmon out of the river.

Chena Village

Viewing exquisite bead work, tanned leather parkas and the furs of the area

Continue on to the Eldorado Gold Mine

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