Denali National Park

View from our room at the Denali Princess Lodge.

The quiet of the night was amazing: one could here the water murmuring in the valley below us.

Our transport was in buses provided by the National Park. Private vehicles have only limited access... and there are precious few roads in the park at all.

Mooooose Cow. Spotted along the road, maybe 25 yards off the road. Not permitted to get out of the bus , or even to open bus windows, in order to photograph....

National Park Service Photo
Our first stop: a walk back into visit the site of a Ranger cabin - Savage Cabin - still used in the winter. In the summer a living history site.

Underfoot: every bit as gorgeous as the vista lookouts

In theory one can glimpse Mt. McKinley from the Denali area. No way on this day! So happy we went to Mt. McKinley Lodge yesterday!

No. I did not enhance the color of this one....





National Park Service Photo

And, yes!, Waaaaay up on the ridge we spotted a flock of Dall Mountain Sheep

Phyllis was rewarded in her quest by being the first to spot two caribou grazing in the brush below the road.

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