Butterfly Gardens

On our way to the day's main objective, Butchart Gardens, we decided to take a chance on the Butterfly Gardens. Low expectations. But highly rewarding!

Educational, amazing, colorful, intriguing - enjoyable!

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The loveliest creature of all.....

Certain leaves were flagged so we could spot the eggs and the caterpillars easily.

This is actually the Atlas moth, not a butterfly. Amazing life cycle: Lives as a moth for 4 or 5 days, during which time it must mate and lay its eggs; does not eat . Eggs mature and the caterpillar eats..., creates it's cocoon and then is dormant for four years....

A big creature: 4-6 inch wingspan.

The large greenhouse-like structure was filled with host plants... and butterflies! Everywhere one looked, another butterfly, another type...

"Characteristically we import up to 35 different species throughout our season. We successfully breed about 12 species. At the beginning of our season our initial orders are 1,000 [butterfly pupae] a week, after that we order between 350-400 per week to maintain a minimum of between 2,000 to 2,400 butterflies flying about in our gardens".

The greenhouse is periodically misted to keep the humidity correct for the plants.

The plants are selected to be those on which different butterflies and their caterpillar liked to feed.

An unexpected treat!


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