The gardens were started in 1904 by Mrs. Robert Butchart who was 'offended' by the appearance of the worked-out quarry on her home grounds.

The Sunken Garden, within the former quarry, seen here from the ridge above. A favorite view.

Note the crowds.... Butchart Gardens is now a world renowned mecca for visitors to Victoria.

Impossible to do justice in a few photos to the color of the many flower beds.

The gardens cover 55 acres. Each year over 1,000,000 bedding plants in some 700 varieties are used throughout the Gardens to ensure uninterrupted bloom from March through October.

The Ross Fountain, added by the Butchart's grandchildren in 1964. The lake is in a pit of the old limestone quarry, as is the Sunken Garden.

One of many comfortable vistas....

The Rose Garden was loaded with variety after variety.

An interesting note: All the flowers were well tended... yet we saw not one worker in the gardens. When do they work? Early in the morning before the gardens open? Quite possible, since summer sunrise is so early.

Even with all the gorgeous flowers, one of our favorite spots was a path into the natural woods.

The Italian garden... only Italian element we spotted was the statuary.

My favorite shot: the gazing ball in the Rose Garden.



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