Seward to Mt. McKinley Lodge

Bus Ride

Seward - another small town along the water... drizzly and dark as we passed through on the 'motor coach.'

Travel time to the Mt. McKinley Lodge estimated at 6 hours. Beautiful and ever changing panoramas along the way.

A rest stop:At a Wild Life Preserve - aka a zoo of local Alaskan mammals.

This small (young) grizzly was sufficiently solid when see up close that one would not want to meet him in the wild.

More driving...

A stop for lunch in Anchorage, then on the road again.....

A second rest stop...

Since our visit was in the summertime, there was no snow at this altitude to run the sleds on - but we had a couple of opportunities to get some feel for dogsledding....


And if you wanted, a ride on a wheeled vehicle pulled by sled dogs.

Sled dogs? NOT the stereotype 'huskies' one envisions! We found this to be true elsewhere also. And, much to Pete's surprise, the dogs really seemed to enjoy the runs....

Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge at last.

But where is Mt. McKinley?

Will we see it at all?

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